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+44 (0) 208 367 4538

About Us

Bassin and Brown prides itself on being a true British heritage brand and to successfully blend classic trends but with a contemporary twist on everyday accessories. Maintaining the ethos of true British authenticity, integrity and attitude into our everyday wear; we hope to have proved that anyone can achieve the sophisticated look that is suitable for all occasions.

How it all began...

The brand was born in 2005, when the fashion industry was starting to take trends seriously, and on that note; Bassin and Brown emerged.

Acknowledging the lack of love for vintage but also taking into account that modern 'new' styles were taking the limelight in the industry, Bassin and Brown ventured to create timeless classic accessories to sophisticate any attire for formal occasions, but also added a touch of contemporary to appeal the younger generations for informal gatherings. So anyone and everyone can enjoy the luxury of a Bassin and Brown accessory.

Bassin and Brown is a premium brand that produces a luxurious variation of men’s accessories. All of these products have been crafted to the utmost standards from only the finest materials including leather. Our accessories collections offer luxury leather and woven belts, finest Italian silk for our ties. Our collection of Bassin and Brown offers the perfect opportunity for a man to add class to his attire.